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Securo Vision offers optical solutions to protect workers’ eyes in their day-to-day life by providing protective glasses tailored to all trades. We are specialists in products and services designed to meet industry needs.
We offer a wide range of safety glasses with or without prescription, goggles, as well as a wide range of accessories and cleaning products for your glasses.


Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optometric Services Inc. (SOI) – the largest group of optometrists in Canada – Securo Vision has significant benefits. We have access to superior quality products and a collective purchasing power over them. This gives us a competitive advantage from which you benefit directly.

Securo Vision offers you:

  • A wide range of comfortable, high-performance safety glasses that combine style and protection.
  • Innovative lens technology and coatings for clarity and precision.
  • A program accredited by Emploi-Québec to raise awareness and prevent the risk of eye injuries amongst your employees.
  • Securo Vision can help you choose the appropriate safety glasses to protect your employees’ eyes and reduce eye injuries.

Our quality

Here, there is no compromise; we only offer premium products. All our eye and face protection products meet the standards set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). We have our own cut and mount laboratory. Our processes are monitored to ensure that only products meeting CAN / CSA-Z94.3 standard are delivered to you.

Our staff

Securo Vision Inc. is proud to count on a qualified and dedicated team to serve and guide you.

In order to provide you with the best protection products available on the market, our eye safety consultants and customer service representatives are regularly trained to stay on the cutting edge of new products.

Our senior consultants have several years trade experience and are trained to analyze all types of work stations and suggest the best possible solutions for their work environment. They are also called upon to sit on Health Safety Committees to guide industries in the best protective choices for their staff.

Our mission

Provide eye protection solutions for all industries by offering distinctive, competitive products that meet CSA standards.

Our expertise

Our 40 years of experience make us leaders in the field of eye safety and experts in the industrial sector. We have developed a network of top suppliers and partners guaranteeing you a variety of models at highly competitive prices.

The largest network in Canada

With close to 800 clinics across Canada, you can easily find an OSI Member clinic near you. OSI is the largest network of independent optometrists which can also easily serve companies with international facilities.

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