The costs of the dispenser taking measurements, making adjustments and performing check-ups may vary by province.


3 easy steps

Among what’s available, add the package of your choice to your cart to purchase your prescription safety glasses. Proceed to checkout and pay online by credit card.

Receive your purchase confirmation and voucher by email. Keep it handy as you will need it during your clinic appointment. If your purchase was made using a computer and you are not using a smartphone, you must present a printed copy of your voucher for the clinic to finalize your order.

Locate the nearest optometry clinic on our site and make an appointment for your eye exam and to choose your safety glasses.

Your transaction on Securo Vision’s website excludes the cost of the eye exam. The latter must be paid directly to the clinic.

Securo Vision distinguishes itself through its wide range of frames with up-to-date designs allowing you to combine style and safety. All our frames comply with or exceed the requirements of the current CSA Z94.3 standard.


Single Vision

Single vision lenses correct a single power across its entire surface. These lenses allow for far vision or near vision.


Progressive lenses are used to correct vision for far, intermediate, and near vision in the same lens. They are intended for individuals who have a value in the "ADD" box of their prescription.


The photochromic property is suitable for single vision and progressive lenses. These clear lenses have the ability to tint when exposed to sunlight to provide UV protection. They are also referred to as "adaptive lenses," "variable tint lenses," or "transition lenses." It should be noted that the effectiveness of the photochromic property will be greatly reduced inside a vehicle as the windows partially block UV rays.

Choose your bundle

Classic bundle


  • a protective frame with permanent side shields
  • scratch-resistant treatment
  • a protective case
Maximum diopter for prescription: +/-6.00
169.00 $ Add to cart
265.00 $ Add to cart
269.00 $ Add to cart
365.00 $ Add to cart
154.00 $ Add to cart
309.00 $ Add to cart
129.00 $ Add to cart
328.00 $ Add to cart
149.00 $ Add to cart
289.00 $ Add to cart
144.00 $ Add to cart
301.00 $ Add to cart

Premium bundle


  • anti-reflective coating
  • a protective frame with permanent side shields
  • scratch-resistant treatment
  • a protective case
Maximum diopter for prescription: +/-6.00
209.00 $ Add to cart
305.00 $ Add to cart
309.00 $ Add to cart
405.00 $ Add to cart
209.00 $ Add to cart
349.00 $ Add to cart
169.00 $ Add to cart
288.00 $ Add to cart
189.00 $ Add to cart
329.00 $ Add to cart
184.00 $ Add to cart
341.00 $ Add to cart

This service is only available in Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.
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