Here are 3 tips that will help you in selecting and caring for your prescription safety glasses :

1. Choose appropriate protective eyewear that fits firmly but not tightly, and that sits as close to the eyes as possible without the eyelashes hitting the lenses.

2. Check your safety spectacles daily. Clean dirty lenses and frames or replace lenses that are scratched, cracked, pitted, faded, etc., at once. Check that all screws are tighten properly.

3. Have your glasses checked/adjusted by a dispensing optician or technician twice a year or as soon as they are no longer comfortable to wear. A proper fit is mandatory for your safety glasses to be comfortable and safe.

Reference: Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Z94.3.1-09, selection, use and care of protective eyewear

Care and Maintenance of your safety glasses

Always rinse your lenses with water to remove dust before cleaning. Never wipe your lenses clean while dry. Always use a liquid cleaner made for your type of lenses. Avoid using products that are too strong or abrasive such as : acetone, solvents, window cleaner, etc., these products are not made to clean ophthalmic lenses and can cause permanent damages.

Always use an appropriate clothe on your lenses, avoid using your own clothes or a random piece of fabric as they may contain dirt and scratch your lenses. Make sure you clean your safety spectacles before storing them in their case. By following these recommendations, you will avoid scratching your lenses prematurely and be able to enjoy a superior quality Securo product longer.

Did you know that improperly adjusted glasses could be harmful, leave red marks or even leave permanent hollow spots on your nose. Spectacles worn too low on the face can cause blurred vision or even loss of focus at the near vision for Progressive lens wearers and those who have a strong prescription. To ensure comfort and proper protection, a snug frame is a must; remember to visit your Eye Care Professional regularly and especially when the need arises!