The eye is an organ that serves primarily to capture light and transform it into information for the brain. Prolonged exposure to certain types of light can damage this delicate receptor. Does your work environment expose you to lighting that’s harmful to your eye health, whether in the short or long term? If so, then it is essential that you protect your eyes with the proper lenses.

There are two kinds of harmful light.

In order to choose the proper eye protection, you must first identify the type light that could affect your vision.

Sunlight is a familiar light source. It can, however, create plenty of glare due to its intensity and its shifts in luminosity, especially during activities which require frequently going from indoors to outdoors.

To protect yourself, it would suffice to wear sunglasses or photochromic lenses which adapt to changes in light intensity. These lenses would help to alleviate eye fatigue all the while protecting your eyes from harmful sunlight. UV rays can cause serious damage to the eye and to your vision. If you plan an outdoor activity involving prolonged exposure to sunlight, wear your UV400 lenses to properly protect your eyes.

Reflected light is a factor for glare and does harm to the eye while causing eye fatigue. If your activities expose you to strong reflected light, anti-reflective coating would help reduce negative effects while making your vision clearer and sharper. Oil-repellent anti-reflective glasses are an asset: they ensure lens durability while protecting them from dirt, liquids, and grease.

Blue light is eye health’s new nemesis, especially in a world where screens are everywhere. Shone by digital devices and artificial lighting, this light can provoke fatigue and eye dryness as well as headaches. In order to prevent these detrimental effects, you can procure glasses with anti-reflective coating or a protective filter.

Depending on the duration and intensity of your light exposure, Sécuro Vision offers different options tailored to your needs in order to best protect your eyes from light during your activities.