Because blindness is an irreversible handicap, eye injury prevention is still the best way to avoid it. Created by optometrists and eye care professionals, Securo Vision awareness’ program is accredited by Emploi-Québec. It aims to educate workers about the risks of eye injuries and how to prevent them. On-site training and DVD.

To educate and prevent workers about the risks of eye injuries.



Our staff is trained to assess work stations at risk of industry eye injuries and advise your employees on selecting the most appropriate eye or face protection. Recommended products meet CSA Standards.

To make an assessment, by our trained Experts, occupationally exposed eye injuries.

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Online follow-up

Securo Vision can provide you with a monthly statistical report regarding your company’s purchase of non-prescription (plano) and prescription glasses. Purchase reports for prescription frames/lenses are available directly from the login tab at the top of the page.

order form

Use the computerized order form to ease the process of obtaining your safety glasses with corrective lenses. The computerized form reproduces the agreement negotiated with Securo Vision and your employer. All done in three easy steps:

Get a copy of the form from your company’s
designated person.

Consult the list of clinics
offering Securo Vision
safety glasses.

Make an appointment
at one of these clinics.

The optometrist will complete and sign the form and assist you in choosing your protective glasses. Once your frames are selected, the optometrist will send the authorization form to Securo Vision.

When your safety glasses are ready, they will be sent to the optometrist who will contact you to make an appointment and proceed with the necessary adjustments.

The largest network in Canada

With close to 800 clinics across Canada, you can easily find an OSI Member clinic near you. OSI is the largest network of independent optometrists which can also easily serve companies with international facilities.

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