Since early 2015, we are proud to be able to better meet the specific needs of our customers with prescription safety glasses that meet the most demanding industrial needs.

For instance:

  • Does your job require you to remain static for long periods of time?
  • Do you mostly use your near vision?

For improved vision at work, you would benefit from our proximity lenses. Those are safety glasses with lenses that are adapted to your workstation. You can now benefit from increased visual and physical comfort and reduced eye fatigue with the right lenses adapted to your tasks.

  • Do you work with a monitor (screen)?

In everyday life we are increasingly overexposed to blue light. In a work environment where we are facing a screen for the most part of the day (computer, machinery, iPad, etc.), the blue reflection of those devices may be harmful to our ocular health with short and long term use. Eye strain, headaches or even longer-term macular degeneration (AMD) can be caused by over-exposure to blue light and UV rays. Wondering how to prevent this? Simply using safety glasses with an anti-reflective coating which blocks harmful blue light may help.

  • You work as a mechanic, electrician or plumber (or any other tasks requiring you to look up while using your near vision)?

We now have the perfect item for you. If your work frequently requires you to look up while using your near vision, it is now possible to get a Magna-Clip in addition to your prescription safety glasses. Let’s face it; if you are frequently in a position requiring you to look up while using your near vision, progressive lenses are not the best solution. You could instead be equipped with bifocal lenses that offer a vocational center for far vision with two small reading portions, one at the bottom and at the top of the lens.

In short, what is important to remember is that there are several specific industrial vision needs. Optical products on the market today are increasingly well adapted to these specific needs, so why not offer yourself the right work tools? It often starts with the right lens!