Standards and regulations concerning eye protection are well established in most industries in Canada. Safety glasses with prescription lenses are made available to workers and provide them with maximum eye protection. By cons, are they provided optimal visual quality ? Is their peripheral vision clear enough ? Several issues can be solved using lens manufacturing technology: image clarity, color contrast, clear peripheral vision are benefits that can bring you digital and high definition lenses. Find out how to get safety glasses with increased visual performance.

As far as personnal fashion eyewear, most wearers made the switch to digital or high definition lens technologies. Several wearers have even fully customized lenses with their personnal prescription settings. In the industries in general, the switch to digital lenses is almost completed. Digital lenses appeard on the optical market in very the early years 2000, it therefore wrong to refer to it has new technology. These types of lens are surfaced by a computer-aided device and diamond-tip tool. This manufacturing process increases precision and allows optimum accuracy, point by point to the nanometer, so more control over the positioning of distortion zones in the lenses. The immediate effects for the weareris that he will adapt much faster and above all will benefit from a clearer and wider field of vision. For high definition lenses they are fully manufactured by a computer using newer and softer designs of progressive lenses that are more comfortable to the wearer.

Lens technology continues to evolve towards a natural vision that is near-perfect. The most important think to remember for workers is to have a personal eyewear and a safety eyewear that does not have too big a difference in quality and designs. If there is a big difference in quality and type, the wearer would have to suffer a significant adjustment period (hours to days) when switching eyewear.